Volkswagen Case Study: Overcoming the Top 4 Challenges in Mobile Ads

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This year, 91% of big advertisers confirmed their companies will spend more on mobile ads, according to eMarkerter. Last post we presented the top 4 mobile ads challenges. Now, we´ll show how they can be solved from a real case study –  involving one of the world’s most powerful brands!

We used OvermediaCast Video Messaging media as part of the launch of Volkswagen Up! in Brazil.

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Our delivery had a positive impact on all the top 4 challenges of Mobile Advertising:

Benefits and Results of Video Messaging media for Volkswagen

See more details about this successful interactive mobile video campaign.

A Brand New Car Needs a Brand New Sales Approach: Customer Intelligence

The Up! was one of 2014 most outstanding releases from Volkswagen. It is a “democratic, modern and fun visual, accessible to all” car.

Innovative in its presentation, the challenges to sell it inspired dealerships to promote the brand new car using a brand new mass media: they used mobile ads to reach a massive targeted audience.

The target: was composed of men and women, from 18 to 35 years old, from B and C social classes, connected from a smartphone; and parents over 50 years old from A class.

The campaign’s objective was to drive awareness and brand engagement, as well as to provide additional product details and to boost sales. This campaign was commissioned by Nacional VW and Via Costeira VW  dealerships, in partnership with Lua4 digital agency.

The results: we saw an uplift in key engagement metrics, boosting the ROI of this campaign to 3.74.

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Creating a Compelling Mobile Presence

In a pioneering initiative, OvermediaCast created a brand channel whose main creative was an Up!’s interactive mobile video. By interacting with the video, consumers could customize their car and schedule test drives. In addition, it also included a car loan simulator! All of that with great usability.

The Up!’s brand channel was promoted using targeted SMS marketing. All consumer’s interactions were tracked individually, viewer by viewer, and the prospects with high purchase intent were called by the dealerships sales team.

Imagem Case Nacional VW

In the table above, on the top of this post,  we can see the benefits of OvermediaCast Video Messaging solution, and how it overcomes the top 4 mobile ads challenges. We will explain in more details below:

Solving the Creative Production problem

The OvermediaCast Video Messaging solution  innovates by overcoming one of the biggest objections to mobile ads: using sight, sound and motion to tell a brand’s story, we overcome the limitations of screen size and OS dependencies providing a creative that works suitable across the fragmented mobile landscape.

Video Messaging includes an interactive mobile authoring tool that allow brands to create brand channels easily and quickly, uploading videos and adding interactivity to them. You can then create a unique content, or simply port a TV or desktop video spot to mobile.

By using interactive applications, brands can present additional information, capture leads, and convert sales on the fly, that is, during the promoting and without redirecting users to external sites, which is the main cause of higher abandonment rates on mobile environment.

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The created brand channel drove brand awareness and engagement, what was later converted into sales by the sales team.

Solving the Targeting problem

The  video messages were delivered in-target, reaching the right people at the right time, wherever people were.

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In order to do that,  OvermediaCast uses mobile data and enhances them adding demographic and psychographic information about consumers, partnering with the largest Telecom operators worldwide.

The available target parameters are:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Social class

  • Device types, operating systems (OS) and their versions

  • Location (cities, zip codes)

  • Real-time geolocation

  • Psychographic profiles based on consumers lifestyle

Providing powerful target matching, we reduced budget dispersion, increased conversions and maximized the ROI on behalf of dealerships.

Solving the Audience Tracking  problem

Video Messaging tracks all users’ interactions at viewer-level, that is, viewer by viewer. The video overlay interactive application was integrated into the dealerships  CRM. The leads were qualified based on rich data, including:

  • phone number
  • the desired version of the Up!, including the optionals
  • the monthly car loan payments each consumer can afford, that is, the consumer purchasing power

By using  the collected data, the sales force optimized direct selling approaches to be inline with each consumer interests, qualifying sales leads and offering tailored promotions.

 Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 14.09.27

The audience tracking proved brand engagement and boosted sales, leveraging highly qualified leads and allowing filtering by purchase intent.

Solving the Common Metrics problem

As we gather all data regarding consumers interactions one by one, we measure reach, frequency and engagement of each unique viewer. These data are used to ensure significant in-target coverage establishing the ideal frequency of exposure.

These metrics are the basis to calculate the in-target GRP (Gross Rating Points), bridging the gap between TV and mobile videos, enabling advertisers to plan, buy and compare campaigns across multiple screens.

 By using online GRPs, the Volkswagen dealerships compared the CPP (Cost per Point) of the TV ads with the CPP of the Video Messaging media.

And how about the mobile presence of your brand?

What are you waiting for start using mobile data to change consumers behavior?

You can put interactive videos in consumers’ hand to maximize your ROI! If you are interested in using the Video Messaging media, please contact us!

 We will continue to share with you all the innovations related to this brand  new media on the next posts. Stay tuned!

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