Promote Videos and Measure your Audience

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OvermediaCast is upgrading its Social Video Stats! Now you can measure what is going on with the videos that you promote on your favorite social networks.

From now, we are able to tell you how is your audience`s behavior. You can easily compare the results of your efforts on Facebook or Twitter with other marketing channels: email marketing, websites, mobile apps, and others. So, you will be able to improve your Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimize campaigns, increasing the traffic, the engagement and the audience retention.

Using the new OvermediaCast we measured a bigger engagement on videos promoted on social networks than using others marketing channels. In our case, other channels achieve more visits, but on the Facebook the play rate was 4 times bigger increasing the engagement.

Some weeks ago, we promoted on our marketing channels one of the most successful viral video. You can easily check deeper audience metrics through one great interface.



And how about you? How will be YOUR audience’s behavior?


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