iG Startups: a Week Analyzing OvermediaCast

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iG Startups is one of the most influential media specialized in startups in Brazil. They write reviews about the startup market and new products as well collaborate with projects to stimulate new companies. iG Startups is a section about startups published by Startupi on iG, one of the biggest web portals in country.

Since a week iG Startups by Startupi is trying our audience-based video analytics solution. The results about  its experience with OvermediaCast can be seen below.

iG Startups now can know which are the most relevant videos and the ones which present greater retention. Moreover, they know through which video content the viewers return.

The knowledge about audience interests allows iG Startups to provide relevant content, engaging more viewers and building bigger audiences.

See below some numbers collected from 10 videos along this week.


Estatísticas do projeto Startupi


The video with the best play rate conversion was one showing the announcement of Angelica as the Chief Mom Officer of Baby.com.br. Its play rate was 10,74% higher than industry average.





Dados do vídeo da Angélica



Our partnership is with iG Startups by Startupi only for now, but we hope to track all iG videos soon. ;)

All the time we captivate new clients. When are you going to follow the market trend? Do the same as iG Startups and know who has seen your video and how it has been watched in real time.

See an iG Startups post showing Ron Bergman talking about Startup Genoma.


Check it out!

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