How we increased our audience in 4000% – and how you can get there too!

jun 29
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The last post gave 5 tips to engage your Social Video audience based on video audience measurements. Some interesting YouTube videos were chosen as marketing pieces. Now we are sharing the results and insights achieved in this campaign. In advance, we already increased our audience in almost 4000%! Yes, the number is correct! Yeah!

Over two weeks using two different scenarios we promoted videos content at our online marketing channels. A quick look at the dashboard gave really interesting results. It’s important to tell that in both scenarios were used:

The same communication channels – Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; Email marketing; All posts were videos; All videos were monitored and measured by OvermediaCast; The number of daily posts were the same.


Scenario 1 – Without audience knowledge

During the first week we didn’t have the knowledge about our audience and the campaigns were established with basics shares.

The same video and content were promoted using multichannel reaching different public with different interest either. Here the communication was coldest. Without the knowledge about who were our audience it was more difficult to create a “link” with them.

The diagnosis of the video audience management tool:

  • Few visits, few plays on the videos posted;
  • Almost didn’t have engagement on the videos (no comments, likes, retweets or shares).
  • The video audience didn’t show encouraging numbers.


Scenario 2 – With audience knowledge

Using the intelligence and the results offered by the video audience management tool, we abruptly changed our approach. We could measure each marketing channel efficiency. Furthermore, we could identify what content was interesting and relevant to each audience segment, based on audience profile and behavior. Moreover, we could find also the influencers.

As a consequence, we observed the consolidation and increased of our videos traffic. We started to select videos that were relevant to our audience. The promotion was focused on the most efficient channels, and we interacted more with the influencers. Resulting in an increase of almost 4000% on the video visits and play rates. A really significant data to just one week of different approach!



The result realized was the rise of people that watched the videos and interacted, and a different view towards the shares previously held :

  • Promoting relevant content to each channel we could be more successful to reach the audience;
  • We got a bigger interaction with people that can create more engagement starting by identify the influencers. Everyone in your social network is a channel of communication. So, we kept in mind that one can turn into thousand if you know what and to who communicate.
  • Re-post and promote the same content but with a different approach can work. It was possible to create interest and flow at the same fan page using multichannel. For example, our email marketing generated more visitors to the Facebook fan page.
  • Lastly to communicate started to use clearer, straightforward and lighter language. It’s necessary always to be creative, engaging and adaptable.



It’s important to consider that using the solution for video audience management was possible to understand the innards of the video marketing. As a result, build bigger audiences and engage more for the videos. Besides, it could be also used to understand the video life cycle and its viral components, or to adjust and resegment videos campaigns in real-time, thereby improving the chance of success of your campaigns.

So we conclude with a marketing success recipe that worked for us:

  1. Promote videos using multiple marketing channels to boost your potential reach;
  2. Measure all the people who come to your videos;
  3. Find profile and behavior patterns of each segments of your audience;
  4. Select relevant videos for each audience segment creating an adherent communication;
  5. Identify what is the best channel for the video content;
  6. Encourage the influencers with comments and tags;
  7. Keep always one eye on results and take fast decisions

Do you like it? See how to use a video audience management tool clicking here!

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