Boost Your Cross-Media Marketing with QR Code and Deep Video Analytics

nov 18
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We are very proud to present you our latest innovative marketing case! In partnership with Arizona agency, we combine smart phones (iPhones and Androids), QR Code and video, building a great cross media experience. Now we are using our deep video analytics to monitor the whole campaign and to discover the audience profile and behavior.

This time our client is the Pernambucanas, the third largest apparel retailer in Brazil, among the top 10 brazillian retailer industries, exceeding U$ 2.6 billion in revenues at 2010. The Pernambucanas is located all over Brazil, with 269 stores and more than 15.000 employees spread in 7 different states.

Get your smart phone, take a picture of the QR code bellow, and discover who is inviting you to the great Christmas choir!


For a shortcut, you may click the button below!


Using iPhone or Android? Don’t worry, we are ready for smartphones!

Update: The QR code link is out of date, but you can still check out the video on the button above.

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