OvermediaCast Video Intelligence

Seeding & Lead Capturing for YouTube Videos (or any video platform)

jan 27

OvermediaCast’s team have worked hard on this last Holidays Season in order to allow brand advertisers to avoid dispersion in terms of target, providing a definitive solution in partnership with big media groups, telcos and big players of the video market, enabling them to monetize their videos better. The first results have shown that on average for each 10 people who visited a video empowered by OvermediaCast’s Video Intelligence, an additional of 3 more people come through our viral strategies (1.3x social lift). In some cases this number can be 2 to 5x greater.

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40 Million People & 1 Truth

Videos: How does it feel knowing you’re wasting a lot of money on them?

dez 19

OvermediaCast is a Video Intelligence Plugin for any video platform to boost video ROI. Unlocking the viewers behind video views we provide brand advertisers 20x lift in target match rate on Premium video campaigns. By using OvermediaCast they reach 3x more people on target compared to non-intelligent video campaigns using the same campaign budget. On the other hand, we provide Publishers 7 to 10x lift in video revenue, using 3x less inventory. Moreover, Premium publishers have increased of 5% in their win rate in direct sales due to differentiation.

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We took off to unlock the value of online videos around the world

We took off to unlock the value of online videos around the world

mai 26

We bring you the April 2013 Global Report, where we
unlocked 34 million views to reveal more than 100,000 publishers and their almost
1 million videos. These videos reached more than 6 million people, and we
studied their behavior and interests, one by one.

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OvermediaCast's growth in 2 weeks

The strategy from Bootstrap to Millions of Video Views Monitored

out 24

In this post we reveal the business strategy we used to get 2 million of video sessions monitored in just 2 weeks.

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Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 5.36.41 PM

[infographic] 1 Million Video Views Monitored in 7 Days

out 17

We get the historical milestone of 1 million video views monitored in a week. Celebrate with us!

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[infographic] The Rise of Online Video in Latin America

out 4

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The challenge of launching a video campaign

The challenge of launching a video campaign

ago 9

You already know all the steps involved in a video campaign. Watch the video with some challenges of launching video campaigns.

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Video funnel tracked by metrics, thumbnail

Video funnel tracked by metrics

ago 3

If you know all the information behind your views it will help you to increase the chance of the audience impacted acquire the product announced or perform the requested action. How to get there? Measuring your performances.

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Up! Holland up! A Volkswagen ad

jul 31

Every day we are sharing with you some interesting videos. Today is a Volkswagen ad made in Holland. Enjoy it!

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A deeper knowledge about the video sharing platforms

jul 24

Last post OvermediaCast listed some platforms to upload, share and watch videos. Today we are sharing with you a deeper look into those platforms. Take a look.

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