Create ‘mobile video moments’ to stay relevant

nov 4

Nowadays, the success of a brand performance increasingly demands for a strategic mobile presence. New insights declare: to pull this off, brands must be present in real and relevant moments. “Brands should strive to be in the top percentage of marketers offering both frequent and high-quality experiences” said Jennifer Wise, Forrester panelist at a (MMA) [...]

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Telefónica Vivo presents OvermediaCast’s Video Messaging at the MMA LATAM Forum 2014

set 22

UPDATED: 24/09/2014 - Andreza Santana, Head of Mobile Advertising at Vivo, presents OvermediaCast’s Video Messaging used on Volkswagen Case at MMA Forum Latam 2014. We are very happy to inspire the mobile market with our disruptive innovation, the ‘Video Messaging’ solution. We’ll attend the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum LATAM 2014 as a Big Star, when [...]

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Mobile Video Soars in Brazil with Growing Out-of-home Smartphone Usage

set 10

Smartphone sales in Brazil have reached 13,3 million units over the the second quarter of 2014, according to analyst IDC [9]. Phablets – smartphones with bigger screens – are another growing trend locally, more than 5 million units of such devices will be sold in Brazil in 2014 – this compares to 128,000 phablet-type handsets sold in [...]

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Imagem Case Nacional VW

Volkswagen Case Study: Overcoming the Top 4 Challenges in Mobile Ads

set 3

This year, 91% of big advertisers confirmed their companies will spend more on mobile ads, according to eMarkerter. Last post we presented the top 4 mobile ads challenges. Now, we´ll show how they can be solved from a real case study –  involving one of the world’s most powerful brands! We used OvermediaCast Video Messaging media [...]

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Key Opportunities and Challenges in Mobile Advertising

ago 26

Discussions on ‘mobile’ are a hot topic at informal chats and marketing and advertising specialized media worldwide. We are on the brink of new discoveries, concerned about how people and business will use what once was ‘just’ a mobile phone. As often happens on the startup of new high-impact media, there are loads of opportunities [...]

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 18.39.18

Telefónica Vivo partners with OvermediaCast to launch mobile interactive videos

jul 29

The biggest Brazilian mobile operator Telefónica Vivo, in partnership with OvermediaCast, a startup accelerated by Wayra Brazil, announces the launch of a new way to broadcast messages for targeted audiences using interactive videos, called Video Messaging.

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